The Clouds Spoke

The clouds and trees
A canopy of branches
Sway gently
As I dream
Fresh cut grass
And wet earth
Childhood scents
Of days gone by
I remember
When life was simple
My only concern
Was me
Things changed
One day
I met my fate
And never
Was I the same
My innocence gone
The blinders
We’re lifted
A cruel reality
Set in
So I’d seek the skies
To find refuge
And calm
In a world
I no longer knew
The clouds spoke
The trees whispered
Everything will be ok
And I felt
I could go on
Now I wake from
A dream
Of what might have been
Had fate taken
A different road
And so to this day
I still look
To the heavens
When comfort eludes
My grasp
Nature is soothing
Restoring the spirit
And the clouds
Still talk and the trees
Still whisper
Everything will be ok
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