My Light


I look in a mirror
And what do I see?
Reflections of you
Gazing back at me

Closing my eyes
And open my mind
I think of the past
What I left behind

I see a fortress
Locked up tight
What’s hidden inside
Never sees the light

Then you came along
And we became friends
Your key fit the lock
And I let you in

Down came the walls
The dark became light
A weight was lifted
My nightmares took flight

You know all my fears
But didn’t run away
You stood and fought
At my side you stay

Your soul’s light seeks me
And blankets my chill
Comfort is offered
You hold my hand still

My prison is gone
Flowers grow in it’s place
I walk into light
Into love’s sweet embrace

An angel you are
Disguised as a knight
I’ll slay your demons
For you I will fight

So I look again
And what do I know
You are my light
And with you I glow

Photo courtesy of @cartersmusings

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