Fade to Black


The sun and moon
You are to me

Now cloudy skies
Are all I see

My world has changed
It’s darker now

Must find my way
Find light somehow

Never again
will I see blue

The sky stays dark
Bereft of you

No more pictures
To comfort me

Cause you’re still there
In all I see

The way I feel
I can’t deny

I close my eyes
Wish I could fly

To leave this hurt
And pain behind

So I can breathe
And clear my mind

The tears don’t stop
An endless well

Sleep won’t come
A living hell

No more pictures
No more sky

Perhaps someday
Again I’ll try

There’s just one thing
You must still know

You were my sun
You made me glow

My love for you
Will never die

I miss my twin
And so I cry

Maybe someday
The storm will pass

I’ll look at clouds
I’ll lay on grass

Until that time
I can’t be back

I need to leave
I’ll fade to black

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3 Responses to Fade to Black

  1. Great poem. I really enjoyed reading it 🙂

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