The Tempest


So bitter and sweet
A walk in the park
To look at the sky
And wait for the dark

Majestic rain clouds
Grey sky edging through
But all I can see
Are pictures of you

Clouds billow around
A storm is brewing
Words like lightning bolts
Become my undoing

Accusations fly
The wind picks up speed
A rumble of thunder
Take shelter take heed

The rain starts to fall
The tears overspill
Standing in the deluge
Fending off the chill

The storm continues
The tempest, the rage
It’s out of control
A lion uncaged

And just like that
The beast is contained
The storm is over
But we are still pained

Standing together
Words said were like darts
Sharp, harsh and steely
Straight through our hearts

What the dawn brings
Is anyone’s guess
But I dream of laughter
My lover’s caress

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