Miles Away


Watching the rain fall
Tap tap tap
Tears streaming
Down my face
Splash splash splash

My mind is
A million
Miles away
In a place
Where time
Ceases to exist

When a kiss
And hug
Fixed everything

When silliness
Was expected

When laying on the grass
Was normal

When laughing
Was effortless

When scrapes and bruises
Were a badge
Of honor

When summer smelled
Of ice cream and
Coppertone tanning oil

Kids smelled like
Wet puppies

And bubblegum
Let’s not forget
The bubblegum

On the

Record players
And 8 track tapes

The skies were bluer
The clouds plentiful
The stars brighter
The days were
Never long enough

Bike rides and
Slip ‘n slides

Monkey bars and
Merry go-rounds

Hide and seek and
Red rover

When we knew we’d
Live forever
And those we loved
Never left us
Or died

And one day
We no longer
Stop at the
We walk by
With barely a glance

We long
For the simplicity
Of our carefree days

A kiss and hug
No longer fix
Our heartache

Laughter and smiles
Are a mask
To hide the pain

We yearn for
Unconditional love

And we ache for those
We’ve loved and lost

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