El Sueño (The Dream)


The light of the moon
On a hot summer night
Peeks into the room

Though half asleep
And into a dream
I feel the moonlight bloom

And from the shadows
I hear your voice
A whisper in the night

Come with me, my love
Let’s go for a walk
Under the full moon’s light

So quickly I went
His embrace was like home
His kiss a tender touch

It felt like forever
Since I’d seen his face
I’d missed him so very much

Into the night
On a starlit path
We strolled arm in arm

In a field of flowers
Under a bevy of stars
I surrendered to his charm

Nowhere else
Would I rather be
It’s here that I want to stay

In his embrace
His love was a hug
That never goes away

We danced to music
Nobody else heard
Just he, I and the sky

Our hearts beat in rhythm
The tempo was perfect
As effortless as a sigh

As rain approached
We continued to dance
Forever is not long enough

Wrapped in each other
The only shelter we need
Is the umbrella of our love

Completely drenched
From head to toe
We chased each other around

So much fun
Lighthearted and free
A worry nowhere to be found

But all too soon
The night goes away
And soon my love must depart

So we set off for home
As the rain turns to mist
And love overflows my heart

He pulled me close
Breathed my essence in deep
And I held him so very tight

I blew him a kiss
As he turned away
And watched as he became light

I awoke with a start
What a wonderful dream
I thought as I threw back the sheet

I stifled a yawn
As I got out of bed
And looked down at my muddy feet

© L A Trevino

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4 Responses to El Sueño (The Dream)

  1. Noora says:

    Breathtakingly beautiful. Your poetry never ceases to amaze me.

  2. Jedizaugg says:

    What a beautiful poem! So enchanting and magnificent. 😉

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