Do You…


Do you
Dream about me
See my face
Hold me close
Keep me safe

Do you
Hear my voice
Feel the warmth
The accent
My laugh

Do you
See my smile
The curve
The smirk
The pout

Do you
Pick up your phone
Reread messages
Get lost

Do you
Close your eyes
Inhale the
Scent of my hair
Taste my skin

Do you
Recall conversations
Laugh out loud

Do you
Hear our songs
Flooded with
Weep unashamedly

Do you
Think about me
Wonder what I’m doing
Where I am
Who I’m with

Do you
Wish things
Were different
Want to go back
Never let go

Do you
Go for a walk
Talk to the night
Rage at the sky

Do you
Stare at pictures
Touch the screen
Trace the contours

Do you
The rise and fall
Of the sun
The moon
Count stars

Do you
Know my
Hear my
My touch

Do you
Love me
Hate me
Thank and


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2 Responses to Do You…

  1. Noora says:

    Vulnerability at its finest. This is a painfully beautiful poem.

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