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   Bittersweet  Are the dreams you have while you’re awake Bittersweet  Is the music you love that reminds you of what you want to forget   Bittersweet  Are the tears you shed while standing in the rain  Bittersweet  Is knowing … Continue reading

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The Arc

Side by side they grew Doorway to the park So close together Their boughs formed an arc Beneath clear blue skies The sun didn’t fade They seek the comfort Of each other’s shade Much like you and I Never will … Continue reading

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Why the Sky

      I’m often asked   Why the sky   What are you   Looking for    What do    You see        I look   For answers  I see  Possibilities  I seek   Enlightenment      … Continue reading

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Three Trees

Three trees Standing together The past The present The future Yesterday is over Can’t be undone Memories Live in yesterday Keep the good Leave regret And fear Behind Today is here It’s all we have This moment Reach out Touch … Continue reading

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The clouds and trees A canopy of branches Sway gently Overhead As I dream Fresh cut grass And wet earth Childhood scents Reminders Of days gone by I remember When life was simple My only concern Was me Things changed … Continue reading

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