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I Remember

I remember when The sky  Really was  The limit The moonlight Was my  Sunlight  The wind  Held me  Aloft The clouds Cushioned My fall  The rain  Cleansed My soul And The stars envied The radiance  Of our love I remember 

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The Sky Cried

I breathe  The wet air  The earthy scent Walk through  Damp grass Toes exposed And embrace Her sorrow

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Letter to the Sky

I wrote my Pain in A letter To the sky Wishing for Rain To help Me get By I need A flood To soak Me through To wash Away My sorrow For you Wishful Thinking This I Know You’re In … Continue reading

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IT IS ALL TOO MUCH THE THOUGHTS (I hear the thunder) THE APPREHENSION (I smell the despair) THE ANGER (I feel the earth shake) THE FEAR (I see the turbulent clouds) THE RUNNING (I taste the foreboding) THE NIGHTMARES (The … Continue reading

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Why the Sky

      I’m often asked   Why the sky   What are you   Looking for    What do    You see        I look   For answers  I see  Possibilities  I seek   Enlightenment      … Continue reading

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